The Utah Roofing Contractors Association exists to support and enhance the success of the Utah roofing industry. Our industry consists of the contractor who installs a roof, the supplier who distributes the materials, the manufacturer who produces the materials and those who insure all of us.

We all exist to serve the roof’s owner. Whether the roof is on a home or on a commercial building, we are here to serve the owner of each roof.


builders working on the roof

The URCA also provides a forum to:

  • help protect the interests of the industry and consumers and
  • advocate on behalf of the Utah roofing community by interacting with OSHA and the various building code departments.

The URCA provides its members with a vast network of contacts and resources including:

  • industry members
  • local suppliers
  • insurers
  • manufacturers
  • safety training and programs
  • OSHA interface

Join us today to improve the entire Utah roofing industry.