Abe Shaw

President of the Board of Directors

Abe Shaw has 25 years of roofing experience as owner of Shaw Roofing and has been a member of the board as long as he can remember. His passion for the industry helps strengthen URCA’s collective voice and brings credibility by increasing their professionalism.

Abe grew up in Ogden and started his own roofing company in SLC. Mountain biking, skiing and hiking are some of the ways he takes advantage of his favorite place to be, the outdoors.

Bob Harvey

Bob Harvey was born with roofing nails in his blood. His father and grandfather were both roofers and Bob has been in the industry since he was 12 years old. He owns Bob Harvey Roofing in Layton and has served twice as President of the URCA Board of Directors.

He enjoys the ocean, and warm places in general when it is cold in Utah. He grew up in Washington Terrace and now lives in Morgan County.

Leon Clark

ABC Supply Company’s Ogden branch manager Leon Clark has worked in the distribution side of roofing for 24 years and as a roofer for another four years. As a long-time board member he sees the constant change in the industry and helps make people aware of changes and improvements. He also knows that the association is a strong voice for the Utah roofing industry.

Leon and his wife have been married for 27 years. They have one daughter, two sons, and lots of sporting events. Mountain biking, hiking and hunting are a few of his hobbies and those skills come in handy as a Varsity Scout leader. He also uses his “make-it-happen” attitude in both his professional and personal lives.

Jason Maxwell

Jason Maxwell’s 11 years as branch manager at Roofers Supply in Lindon and time working at Franklin Covey enabled him to bring a different perspective to the table. Organization skills and humor are characteristics that assist him in being a mouthpiece for the association and to help them be more united as a board and as an industry.

Jason is married to a former Miss Utah, Brooke Maxwell, and they have six daughters. He also co-owns Utah Dance Artists with his wife, it is one of the largest dance studios in the Salt Lake Valley. Fly fishing and golfing are his favorite ways of relaxing while away from roofing.

Ryan Brady

One of the newer members to URCA, Ryan Brady is helping to revitalize the association and assist in our goals of creating a safer work environment for employees and a more functional working relationship with OSHA. Ryan has owned Aspen Roofing in Salt Lake City for 15 years and hopes to continue improving the industry’s reputation.

Ryan is a native of Salt Lake City and is an avid boater. Camping and mountain biking are few of his favorite past times, and he has recently added road biking to his recreational pursuits.

Jarod Wallace

Jarod Wallace is no new comer to URCA. This past URCA president owns Alpine Roofing Specialist Inc. established in 1999 in Orem. His 20 years worth of experience in the roofing industry, and his professionalism, enables him to be a key player in improving relationships with OSHA. Increasing overall safety is one of his goals and he understands the importance of creating great relationships within the industry.

Both family time and service play an important role in his life. This outdoorsman does find time to do some of his favorite sports such as fishing and hunting. Safaris to Africa are some of his favorite experiences.

Jeanette Thomas

Jeannette Thomas bolsters URCA with her knowledge and expertise in Workers Comp. As a Certified Worker’s Compensation Professional she is invaluable in improving understanding, safety and relationships between WCF and URCA.

Jeannette’s love for people and their health continues outside of WCF as she and her husband also run a small business called “Bootcamp with Jess” where they provide fitness and nutrition coaching. Being with family and friends and serving in the community is how she spends a lot of her spare time. She also enjoys ice fishing, camping and movies.