Sign up to earn CE Hours on 11/28/17

The URCA is super excited to be able to host a CE event on 11/28/17. This course will run from 1-5pm and will consist of the following training sessions:

-Matt Mclure with Duradek will conduct training on walkable roof membrane surfaces. It will earn you 1 professional. 
-Garrett Walker with Walker Law PLLC will present on Construction contracts, warranties, and lien rights. It will earn you 2 core hours and 1 professional.
-Tyler Hunt is an accountant at Gallina Offices and is going to go over tax advice and other good information for your small businesses.

If you are interested in getting signed up please e-mail or call 801-520-9040.

Update from the UOSH Council Meeting

The URCA sent a representative to the UOSH Council meeting on October 3rd. Overall this was a very productive meeting and we received some good statistics and are working hard to build a good relationship with them. The most important thing to point out from these statistics is that there seem to be a lot more workplace injuries in the fall months. In October 2016 there was 16 Construction accidents, which was the highest in one month throughout the entire year. Please make sure you are reminding your employees of workplace safety! Here is a summary for the year of the stats that most pertain to our industry.

-Falls from an elevation were at 55 for the year which was the highest in the Construction industry followed by 14 caught in or between.

-Roofing contractors came in with a total of 6 construction accidents

-For this quarter there was 1 fatality in September and a total of 27 non-fatal accidents

For a full breakdown to compare with other industries and accident types you can find everything in Advisory Council Agenda 10-03-2017

The Annual URCA Golf Tournament is coming up!

Don’t miss out on the annual URCA Golf Tournament. New this year we are allowing manufacturers and suppliers to sponsor a hole and they are filling up fast. Here are the details so get registered ASAP if you haven’t already!

Thursday, July 13th, 2017
7:00 AM Registration
8:00 AM Shot Gun Start
River Oaks 9300 South Riverside Drive Sandy, Utah 84070
Entrance Fee is $65 per person which includes lunch and raffle prizes to follow.
For Early Registration send payment to:
PO Box 65497
Salt Lake City, UT 84165

*Please include four person team with registration*

For additional questions or to reserve your spot, please contact Alan Davies at phone# 801-599-3870 or Mike Baker at phone# 801-509-1692.

June URCA Board Meeting Notes

We want our members to be informed about what the URCA Board is doing to help them in their own businesses each month. Here is the breakdown of what we worked on in our June Board Meeting. If you have questions or concerns or would like to add something to our July Board Meeting please e-mail

Board Meeting Agenda June 2017

URCA March Agenda

We want our members to feel like your association dollars are being put to good use and that we are keeping you informed of our efforts. While we do a good job of catching you up to speed on a quarterly basis in our newsletter we thought a smaller scale update more regularly would be appreciated. Moving forward we will be posting our monthly board meeting agenda to our blog for our members to stay up to date on the items we are working on. Please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns about anything otherwise know that we are working hard for you and your businesses!

Thank you
The URCA Board

Board Meeting Agenda- March 2017

Wear your seatbelt, put away the phone, and be prepared when driving this month!

There are several small tips you can follow in order to keep yourself and your employees safe when operating a vehicle. UBIC has graciously shared some great documents with us about how to keep accidents and costs down before getting behind the wheel! Read some of their great publications here!

Seat Belt and Texting Safety Meeting

Be Prepared Driving Alone

Drug Free Workplaces will keep your Worker’s Comp Costs Down!

We would like to thank WCF for this short outline of some of the things you can do to not only help keep your employees and job sites safer, but also lower your Worker’s Compensation Costs. I know it is hard to find and keep good employees these days but if you lay out a policy and let them know you are serious about it as an employer you might be surprised! If we as an industry can work on this together within our own organizations it will set an example so people know they can’t leave one company to go work for another that will tolerate it. We are all in this together!

10 Reasons to Implement a Drug-Free Workplace Policy- January

Handouts from January UOSH Council Meeting

Although we weren’t able to attend during the month of January we were provided with the agenda for the quarterly UOSH Council Meeting. These include statistics for the quarter as well as the 2016 year. One of the biggest changes to note is they are now breaking out the Construction Accidents by NAICS code on page #7. This was a recommendation that the URCA made in one of their meetings last fall to help us better identify the providers within the construction industry that have accidents. UOSH has been very receptive to our request for enhancements to their program documents and we will continue to be a voice to help our industry in that area as well.

Please let us know if you have questions or concerns about any of the documents attached!
Thank you,
The URCA Board

UOSH Quarterly Council Agenda

February 28th is the last day to apply for the URCA Scholarship!

Well the URCA board voted to bring back the 2 URCA Scholarship this year! The $1000 scholarships will be awarded to a URCA member, their spouse, their immediately family, or one of their employee’s immediate children. The applicant can be a senior in high school or a current college student who is registered as “full-time” for the upcoming semester. Along with the application, a letter of recommendation and a short 1 page essay will need to be turned in. Applications need to be turned in by February 28th 2017. The URCA Board will then review them in March and will award them in April 2017. Checks will be made out directly to the institution the winner is planning to attend. I encourage those who may qualify and are interested to do so! Applications are available at the link below or I can e-mail them out to you. Send them to

Modified Scholarship Application for 2017

The URCA Board

What is new with UOSH?

We met with UOSH at our Quarterly Meeting and wanted to share some of the things that they are working on internally as well as the Accident Statistics they shared with us.

They are looking to hiring a new field officer (this will be announced on their website once it is filled They have also hired a new manager “Brandon” and made some other internal changes.

FFY 2016 UOSH Statistics (A quick run down for our industry- the full statistics breakdown is attached):
-809 Compliance Inspections (this us up 200 from last year)
-48.9% was construction industry related
-4.4% contest rate
-Over 270+ were fall protected citations (by far the most)
-505 UOSH Consultation visits

Falls from an elevation were still the highest event type of accident related coming in at 37 (for construction related) out of the 60 total.
Check out the full report on our industry at handouts-from-10-25-16-uosh-advisory-meeting

I know it is hard to get your employees to practice fall protection and wear their PPE but they are your greatest asset and if you show that it is important to you that they are safe then they will follow!

An update after meeting with UOSH this month

We issued an article last month letting our members know that Congress passed the Bipartisan Budget Act which included the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015. Because of this Federal OSHA has implemented a fee structure increase of 78% they would like the state plans to implement.

In our October UOSH Board Meeting it was decided we are going to continue with the plan to form a council and begin meeting in January on this topic. This means that the fee structure has not yet passed and increased in the state of Utah. You should note however if you are working on a job at Hill AFB or in other surrounding states that it may have passed and you could be subject to those higher fees.

We will keep you posted on these additional updates as we meet with UOSH but know that we are keeping our members best interests at heart. We will work towards having a voice for the URCA members and how these fees would directly impact our small businesses.

October Worker’s Compensation Safety Topic

Thank you Worker’s Comp Fund for sharing your October Safety Tip with the URCA!

Walk Safe
Slips, trips, and falls account for 15% of all accidental deaths, second only to automobile fatalities.

There are a lot of things you can do to prevent these types of accidents. Prevention measures include cleaning up spills immediately, not carrying packages that obstruct your view, and always using a ladder to reach a high object.

An easy way to stay on your feet is to remember to WALK SAFE:

Walk like a penguin
Arms free
Lights on
Keep floors clean

Slow down
Avoid tripping hazards
Eyes on pathway

PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU ARE DOING! This is among the most common causes of injuries, and is the easiest to correct. Do not text, email or go online while walking to and from work.

At WCF, the Walk Safe Program is designed to assist you in preventing slip, trip, and fall injuries. The program guide has sections on hazards and provides tips to control the hazard as well as train employees. The appendix has information and calculators that can be used to further your injury prevention efforts. The videos and posters also provide visuals for employees to further understand concepts in the program guide. Your WCF safety and health consultant can also assist you in deciding where to start with injury prevention at your company.
Walk Safe Program Guides may be obtained by calling the WCF Safety Department at 385.351.8103.

The URCA is proud to announce that we are offering a training course on Ladder Safety and Fall Protection! The URCA is one of only several organizations here in the valley that can offer training courses that will earn you CE Credit hours. Falls (especially from ladders) seem to have really high statistics despite efforts within our roofing community. We felt that this would be the best class to kick off a new training series we will be offering through the URCA. The material was put together by UBIC who will be providing lunch as well as grant you 2 professional CE hours for completion. We know it takes time away from your busy schedules to attend these seminars but think of the cost savings you will gain by keeping yourselves and your employees safe! More details will follow with dates and times and sign up information!

October Benefits Buzz courtesy of The Presidio Group

The Presidio Group is a new member to the URCA this year and put out a newsletter each month called
“Benefits Buzz”. Here is the information from their blog they wanted us to share with all of our members:

Benefits Buzz October 2016 | ACA Reporting
October 5th, 2016

Get Ready for ACA Reporting Deadlines
Last year, employers had extra time to complete their Section 6055 and 6056 reporting, thanks to transition relief from the IRS. This year, it’s unlikely that the IRS will provide any relief from the normal deadlines.
This means that employers will need to act quickly in order to distribute the required forms to employees in January 2017 and then file returns with the IRS on time.
The 2016 reporting deadlines for specific forms are as follows:
Jan. 31, 2017—Forms 1095-B and 1095-C due to employees (to be postmarked, if mailed, or sent by email if applicable conditions are met)
Feb. 28, 2017—Forms 1094-B, 1095-B, 1094-C and 1095-C due to the IRS if filing on paper
March 31, 2017—Forms 1094-B, 1095-B, 1094-C and 1095-C due to the IRS if filing electronically
Any employer filing 250 or more information returns during the calendar year must file these returns electronically, unless the employer obtains a waiver. For employers filing fewer than 250 returns, electronic filing is voluntary.
Employers that need extra time to file returns with the IRS can request an extension by completing IRS Form 8809 before the filing deadline. Additional extensions may be available if certain hardship conditions apply.
Employers can also request an extension of time to furnish employee statements by sending a letter to the IRS. More information about extensions is available in the instructions for each form.
Filing or furnishing late or incomplete returns can subject you to IRS penalties. In some cases, the IRS may not impose penalties if the failure was due to reasonable cause. However, the more generous transition relief for employers making a good faith effort to comply does not apply to 2016 reporting.
Being prepared and organized can help you meet earlier deadlines for 2016 ACA reporting and avoid potential penalties or other problems.
Marketplaces to Offer “Simple Choice Plans” for 2017
In an effort to make choosing a health plan easier for consumers, the federal government is encouraging insurers to offer “simple choice health plans” as an option during the upcoming Marketplace open enrollment.
Insurers won’t be required to offer simple choice plans on the Marketplace; however, for insurers that choose to do so, the government is providing guidelines for creating a simple choice plan design at each of the current metal levels (bronze, silver and gold).
These plans will have standardized deductibles and annual out-of-pocket maximums. Additionally, many services will allow consumers to pay flat-dollar copayments upfront instead of having to meet their deductible before insurance will cover the cost.
A potential advantage of standardizing consumer choices is allowing consumers to make better, more informed choices. However, experts warn that offering both standardized and non-standardized plans could be confusing for consumers if the plans are not clearly distinguished from one another.
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) amended the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to require employers to provide the following to nursing mothers for one year after the birth of their child:
Reasonable break time for an employee to express breast milk for her nursing child
A place, other than a bathroom, that is shielded from view and free from potential intrusion for the employee to express breast milk.
In addition to this federal requirement, many states have their own breast-feeding laws.
To view more information on this law and answers to frequently asked questions, or to learn about your state’s specific regulations, visit

September UBIC Safety Talk Sprains

UBIC wanted us to share this quick handout on Sprains and Strains. It is one of their most frequent claim as an insurance company. It is so easy to print these out and hand them out to your employees while handing them a paycheck as a quick reminder. No need to create or edit anything. So simple! Try sharing it today with your folks…

PIS – Preventing Sprains and Strains (11728)- September 2016

Workers Compensation Fund Quick Tip for September


Many assume that workplace accidents don’t commonly occur in an office environment. Unfortunately, this is not true. It is not unusual to hear of an office employee tripping over a computer cord or straining his/her back while moving a piece of office furniture. An office setting has its share of safety hazards, but many can be eliminated.

Office Traffic
• Keep floors clean and free of spills such as beverages, melting snow and rainwater.
• Always walk, never run.
• Keep aisles and hallways clear of clutter, debris and tripping hazards such as wastebaskets, electrical and computer cords, foot stools and open drawers.
• Report torn or loose carpets, curled walk off mats, loose tile, uneven floor surfaces or any other condition that could lead to a slip, trip or fall to a supervisor immediately.
File Cabinets
• Close file, desk and cabinet drawers when not in use.
• Put file cabinets and other storage cabinets far enough away from doors and aisles as to not interfere with exit routes or high traffic areas.
• Place the heaviest files or loads in the lower drawers of file cabinets.
• Open only one drawer at a time.
• Use only the handle to open and close drawers to avoid finger injuries.
• Use caution when handling paper to avoid cuts.
• Fully close staples. Use a staple remover to remove staples.
Electrical Equipment
• Locate electrical outlets so that cords do not cross aisles or passageways.
• Use only properly grounded outlets and equipment. Avoid using extension cords.
• Replace damaged or worn cords immediately.
• Unplug equipment before servicing or working on equipment.
Machines and Equipment
• Place guards on machines with exposed moving parts before operating.
• Do not operate a machine until you are properly trained. Do not override safety devices. When in doubt, get help.
• Use common sense when using paper cutters. Keep fingers away from knife and cutting edges. Keep knife in down position when not in use. Replace loose guards, knife locks and springs immediately.
• Use a ladder, stool or portable stair for reaching high objects. Never use a chair, carton or another object not designed for the task.
• Store heavy objects at ground level.
• Cover or sheath knives and scrapers before storing. Use only for intended purpose.
• Do not store flammable liquids and paint in an office area. If flammable or hazardous materials are needed for office machines, keep in limited quantities and store it according to manufacturer’s recommendations.
• Turn on lights before entering dark rooms or hallways. Report burnt out or inadequate lighting to your supervisor.
• Do not lift beyond your capability. Get help with heavy or awkward loads.
• Do not remain at your desk or workstation if overhead work is being performed.
• If your job requires you to enter manufacturing areas or a warehouse, wear the required personal protective equipment (e.g., hard hat, safety glasses, hearing protection). Do not enter a part of plant that is unfamiliar to you. Ask a plant supervisor to go with you.

There are several OSHA regulations that can apply to office operations depending on the type of operation. Some of the most common are:

-29 CFR 1910 Subpart E – Means of Egress
-29 CFR 1910 Subpart H – Hazardous Materials
-29 CFR 1910 Subpart N – Materials Handling and Storage
Visit for more safety tips.

Meeting Notes from UOSH Advisory Council

Even though we weren’t able to attend the last UOSH Advisory Council Meeting we were able to gather the topics of conversation that Chris Hill the Director of UOSH was kind enough to send over to share with us.

A very important change that we are keeping on the radar is that the Congress passed the Bipartisan Budget Act which included the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act Improvements Act of 2015. Because of this Federal OSHA has implemented a fee structure increase of 78% they would like the state plans to have implemented as of August 1 2016. They are telling each state-plan-state (which Utah is) that we need to do the same. The only way this can happen in Utah is through a statutory change. At the earliest, this will not happen in Utah until after the next legislative session in 2017. We have some discretion in Utah if we change the structure to be the same as the federal structure, we can set how we calculate those penalties ourselves, ie. we have discretion to set our own reduction amounts. In other words, there will not be an automatic 78% increase but there could very well be increases.

The URCA is going to work closely with UOSH to voice our concerns about how these fee increases will impact our businesses. While we of course want to keep our employees safe we recognize that they don’t always want to do the same for themselves. Continuing safety efforts when and where we can and documenting them is of the utmost importance to keep yourselves from receiving fines. If you have suggestions or questions please feel free to e-mail them to us as we will be having several committee meetings on this issue in the upcoming months.

In the meantime feel free to read through the latest accident statistics and information on this upcoming fee structure change…

Thank you,
The URCA Board

Penalty Incease bulletpoints – 7.7.16
Apr, May, June accident reportsAccident Totals Graphs through Q3

Workers Compensation tip this month is on Portable Ladder Safety!

Portable Ladder Safety
Most of us use ladders from time to time. However, few of us take time to review the basics of ladder safety. The following guidelines can help those who use ladders to do so properly and prevent injuries.
General Guidelines

• Avoid climbing unless absolutely necessary.
• Select the proper ladder for the job, (i.e., aluminum, wood, fiberglass, step, extension or a straight ladder). For instance, never use an aluminum ladder around electricity.
• Choose a ladder that fits the job. If ladders are too short, people will climb too high leaving them without proper handholds. Ladders that are too long are difficult to handle. They also tend to be erected askew and may be highly unstable.
• Never use a ladder for a purpose that it was not designed for.
• Inspect the ladder’s condition before use. Discard any damaged ladder.
• Wear slip resistant footwear.

Ladders should be inspected and documented by a competent person on a periodic basis. Items to look for should include:
• Any structural damage such as cracks, bends, kinks or distortions.
• All rungs are in place, secure and free of grease or oil.
• Safety feet are in good condition and functional.
• Any missing parts.
• Working spreaders.

• A ladder should not be placed in doorways, passageways or other locations where it can be disturbed.
• Make sure the ladder is set on a level stable surface.
• A non-self-supporting ladder should be placed at an angle of approximately 75̊. The distance from the wall to the foot of ladder should be about ¼ the ladder’s total length.
• When using a non-self-supporting ladder to access a point to where you will dismount, the ladder should extend at least 3 feet beyond the support point. The ladder should also be lashed as close to the support point as possible.

Climbing and Descending
• Face the ladder while climbing or descending and hold on to it with both hands.
• Always maintain at least a 3-point contact with either two hands and one foot, or two feet and one hand.
• Keep centered on the ladder.
• Never lean beyond the side rails, or move, shift or extend the ladder while on it.
• Never climb past the second step from the top on a stepladder.
• Take one step at a time.
• If tools are needed, use a tool belt or a bucket attached to a hand line.
• Allow one person on a ladder at a time.

Remember that the ladder is a tool to assist in getting the job done, just like a wrench or screwdriver. Focusing on the task that necessitates using a ladder, while ignoring the tool, is a primary cause of ladder injuries. Climbing and descending a ladder must be a zero mistake activity. You can’t afford an error in judgment.

Save the date (July 7th) for the annual URCA Golf Tournament!

Thursday, July 7th, 2016
7:00 AM Registration
8:00 AM Shot Gun Start
Eaglewood Golf Club

1110 East Eaglewood Drive
North Salt Lake
Entrance Fee $65 per person
Lunch and raffle, prizes follow
Hole Sponsorship

**Please include four person team with

For Early Registration
Send Payment to:
PO Box 65497
Salt Lake
City, UT 84165

UOSH Accident Totals for Q1 2016

While the numbers for Q1 look a little better for the Construction Industry for falls and injuries we still want to remind all of you that this is a group effort. We need to combat this together as an industry if we want to continue to keep our employees and our job sites safe. Please have your employees fill out forms that clearly outline what the OSHA requirements are for Personal Fall Protection and Ladder Safety. Keeping our guys informed about their safety while they are working from heights is so important. It only takes a few minutes to remind them and it might save their life. Send me an e-mail if you have any questions or concerns about these stats.

Handouts from 4-23 UOSH Advisory Council

Checking up on your contractor before doing business with them!

Did you know there is a list through the Division of Consumer Affairs that shares which companies (including roofing contractors) you may want to choose to not do business with? If you are a roofing contractor you may want to make your customers aware of this! Find the list at

If you are planning to do truck or forklift training read this

If you are a business owner and you are planning to do truck safety or forklift safety training with your folks there are a few things you should know first. According to OSHA their Training Requirements are as follows:
-Operating instructions, warning & precautions
-Differences between truck and automobile
-Controls and instrumentation (how they work)
-Power plant operation
-Steering and maneuvering
-Visibility, inc. restrictions
-Vehicle capacity
-Vehicle stability

Make sure you are covering all of those items if you are doing training with your folks!

URCA Scholarships Awarded!

We have decided to honor 3 recipients for the URCA Scholarship this year! Thank you to everyone who applied. Congratulations to Emma Ker, Justin Dabb, and Willow Herzog! We are so thankful to be able to provide each of these young individuals with $1000 scholarship. We know you will do great things in our community!

Thanks again,
The URCA Board

Power Point Presentation from UOSH Director Chris Hill

Here is the Power Point Presentation (in full) that Director of UOSH Chris Hill put together and presented for the board last week. It has some great information on who UOSH is, changes they have made to their programs recently (including outreach programs for you), statistics, and much more! Please take a few minutes to read through it. Even though some of it may be a refresher for you there are items in here I guarantee you haven’t seen that will be helpful for your businesses!

URCA Board Meeting – 2.25.16

The URCA Scholarship deadline is quickly approaching!

February 15th is the last day to get your application in for the URCA Scholarship. We are handing out two this year each for $1000. Find the instructions on the attached application below and get it into us ASAP! If you have any questions please e-mail us at

Modified Scholarship Application

The URCA Board

Together we are part of a bigger picture

As the new year approaches we want to thank all of you for joining the URCA this year. We know we have a great group of folks who are hard working and like minded when it comes to running their businesses. It is a tough industry to be in and I’m sure many of you would have chosen to do something else if you had known how hard it would be. Nonetheless know that there are others out there in this industry that face your same struggles and that if we work together we can accomplish great things!